Top 10 Mistakes and Myths of Social Media To Overcome in 2015

Social Media has only existed for a few years, but during this short period of time, marketers and researchers have discovered some very interesting things. Previously, sites like MySpace, Friendster or Facebook were simply places where you could get in touch with your friends through the network. Now, however, businesses are beginning to tap the… Read More »

5 Reasons to Use SMS Marketing For Your Business and Brand in 2015

Most companies use common marketing levers like SEO, animation, social networks, (Pay-per-Click) PPC or offline methods. However, despite the use of increasingly mobile, these companies have not yet tried the adventure of mobile marketing. This is particularly the case of SMS Marketing , also called “SMS Push”, which allows any advertiser to automatically send mass… Read More »

How To Select The Best Social Media Networks For Marketing Your B2B Business

Social media has become mandatory in any online marketing strategy. It is really important to take a few real steps and research before launching a successful social media campaign on the right platform to connect with your required audience. For many B2B firms, where the social connections and buyer relationships are more complex than in… Read More »

8 Interesting Key Tips to sell through Social Media

Ask a question to yourself, is it possible to earn from social networks? According to me “Yes, You can”. I have seen and worked with teams that have managed to do. Thanks to tools like salsa, Chirpify or application developed by Amex to pay for Twitter. Sell without leaving networks, which is said to sell,… Read More »

Motorola Moto E: Specification, Features and Comparison with Moto X and Moto G

The Motorola Moto G has been one of the best phones of 2013, not by its Full HD screen or the more powerful quad-core processor, but it has a good set of specifications at a good price that makes it a mockery of the competition. Now, Motorola wants to break the mark established with the… Read More »

How to Protect Data from Heartbleed Vulnerability Bug CVE-2014-0160

Heartbleed is a Bug that Short-Circuits SSL Web Security. It is a long-undiscovered bug in cryptographic software called OpenSSL that secures Web communications and transactions, may have left roughly two-thirds of the Web vulnerable to eavesdropping for the past two years. Heartbleed isn’t your garden-variety vulnerability, so here’s a quick guide to what it is,… Read More »

8 WordPress Backup Plugins For Your Website

In recent days we are putting the focus on backups ; a small awareness campaign advantage that March 31 is celebrated the World Backup Day , the day of the backups . We have already discussed these days how important it is to spend time in our backups (and consciously use the word because I… Read More »

5 SEO Tips for Google Local Listing in SERPs

As you know more and more people made a click on Google place listing to find results near home. For many businesses with a particular location is more than important to be well positioned for these searches in Google Local. Currently, almost anyone who will make a purchase at a local business that does not… Read More »

[Must Read] 46 Useful Claims for SERP Made By Google In U.S.Patent Document for Panda Algorithm

Google’s Panda algorithm update has been launched in 2011 which and it is one of the most talked about algorithmic updates by SEOs and webmasters till 2014. Today is the day the patent document describing Panda was granted. It was written by Navneet Panda, and that’s why it was named Panda, and Vladimir Ofitserov of… Read More »

9 Interesting Tips For Making The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Go ahead to when looking for work, there is no magic formula. The situation is difficult and nothing guarantees success. However, it is useful to know all the tools that are available to us and how we can optimize their use to extract full advantage. LinkedIn is a social network oriented workforce that already has… Read More »

9 Advantages Why Your Brand Needs a Social Media Manager

The Community Manager is responsible not only to convey the brand image of your company and your personality, it is also a community manager makes connector between your business and your potential customers. Now just for that, it is worth reflecting about her figure. But there is an essential element that every day demands its… Read More »

5 Fascinating SEO Tips Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or the marketing aspects of Search Engines for top rankings through specific key word usages  for gaining entry in first page of websites  has indeed covered a great deal of terrain since its first deployment way back during the mid 1990’s, almost a quarter of a century ago. With the growth,… Read More »

8 Free cloud storage services comparison offering more free space

We have made a comparison between the cloud storage services with more free storage capacity to its users. If you want many gigabytes of space to store your files online, check out the features of each and choose the one that suits you, not only because of Dropbox living the surfer. Seemed to be that… Read More »

6 Social Media Marketing Trends for Brands even Honey Boo Boo liked it

The day by day search engine updates have made task really difficult for brands and businesses to build their empire on search engine ranking. The social media is the only required thing which can help brands to create their positive image in mind of people and earn organic results. The New Year is now 2… Read More »